Information about Opel- Manta Freaks

The idee:
The idee starts when I was a member of an other club, where they prommised a lot, but didn't do anything.
This new team prommises nothing, but will do a lot.
The name is: "Opel- Manta Freaks"

Ower goal is:
To do a lot with pleasure, and find as many as possible members to orgenaise an Opel and/or Manta concours.
There will be a possibility to help each other to solv problems.

What we will orgenaise for ower members:
Once a year there will by an b.b.q. party, and also an newyears party (only for members).
If there are enough members we will orgenais an local meating, also for ower German members.

The costs:
The cost are split into two parts;
A. At the start 16,00 ( a sticker 90 cm.x 15 cm. and admin. costs )
B. Monthly or yearly fee, for the yearly b.b.q. party ( 3,- p/m or 36,- p/y )

Aloud cars:
Owners with cars made of at least 3/4 opel parts, can aske for a membership of "Opel- Manta Freaks"
And ofcourse all brands of Opel